About “Puglia Drifter”

Evening in the Piazza di Popolo, Specchia, southern Puglia, Friday 9 July 2021.

14 July 2021

I have selected this name for this blog having lived in the southern Italian region of Puglia since 2017, and am fairly sure I am going to continue living here (as sure as we can ever be about anything), and because I do tend to travel around the region as often as I can, and intend to write about it, and because it sounds – right now, anyway – kind of cool ( I was probably also thinking of the cool 1966 Japanese surrealistic gangster film “Tokyo Drifter” ).

Where it will go, I am not sure, but I envisage articles that might somewhat resemble travel writing, but which will also resemble essays on film, literature, music, and art, but this will all get mixed up with observations of people and places I encounter or have encountered, fragments of memoir, perhaps even an attempt at a poem or a short story occasionally.

Why should anyone read it? Beats me. There is already a hell of a lot of excellent writing out there, by very established and laudable writers, living or dead (I’m not even talking about the all-time greats here), with more credentials and style and profundity than me.

That said, I feel strongly enough that I have something to say to take the time to write these articles, and I am writing with readers – however few they may be – in mind. I promise those who take the time to read this that I will be trying by best to make these pieces interesting, enjoyable to read, and I hope meaningful, or anyway, with some depth to them.